Camera hành trình EZVIZ


Video Format Resolution: 4k*, NTSC (fps):24, PAL (fps): 24; *4K:The resolution of recorded mp4 file is 2880*2160, and it is interpolated to 3840*2160 during playback. Resolution: 2.7k, NTSC (fps):30, PAL (fps): 25; Resolution: 1080p, NTSC (fps):30/60, PAL (fps): 25/50; Resolution: 720p, NTSC (fps):30/60/120, PAL (fps): 25/50/120; H.264 BP/MP/HP Level 5.1 With MP4 Muxer File Format
Record Mode Video
Low Light Auto Adjust Frame Rate for enough exposure time purpose
Distortion Correct Better X/Y Correct,720p-1080p
HiLight Tag High Light Important Time,used for Post processing
Split Mode Set the length of video clip,3min,5min,MAX
Protune White Balance、ISO、Sharpness、Ev Comp、Color Pattern
Slow Motion Record 120fps and output slow motion video at 30fps
Loop Mode To set up the storage mode according to the time interval set
Single Photo
Photo Size 8MP Wide
Night 2s; 5s; 10s; 15s; 20s
Distortion Correct Better X/Y Correct
Meter Mode Center、Average、Spot
Protune White Balance、ISO、Sharpness、Ev Comp、Color Pattern



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